Andrea Hohmann

Andrea Hohmann

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Linda and Jack Gill Chair, Neuroscience

  • (812) 856-0672
  • Multidisciplinary Science Building II 220
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  • Ph.D., Brown University, 1996
  • Sc.M., Brown University, 1993
  • B.Sc., Brown University, 1988


My research has focused on understanding pain modulation from a neurochemical perspective. The discovery of cannabinoid receptors and identification of brain constituents that act at these receptors established the existence of an endogenous cannabis-like (endocannabinoid) transmitter system. My research has identified functional roles of the endocannabinoid system in the nervous system and mapped it's distribution in sensory pathways. My research has identified enzymes implicated in endocannabinoid deactivation as novel therapeutic targets. My laboratory strives to maximize the therapeutic potential of endocannabinoid signaling systems while minimizing unwanted central nervous system side-effects (e.g. psychoactivity and addiction). My research program combines behavioral, drug self-administration, neuroanatomical, neurophysiological and molecular approaches to study cannabinoid mechanisms for suppression of pain and stress responsiveness.