Research is at the core of our discipline

The Neuroscience Ph.D. program gives you the opportunity to directly participate in the research approaches at the core of our discipline.

From the cellular and molecular bases of nervous system functioning to a systems-level approach to the study of relationships between brain and behavior, the program provides a deep understanding of the field and its sub-disciplines.

Our faculty is a research powerhouse

The faculty in neuroscience includes 80+ basic and applied scientists drawn from participating departments, including Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Optometry, Physics, Psychological and Brain Sciences, and Speech and Hearing.

They belong to one or more of four core research areas, the four front doors to the study of neuroscience at IUB.

Learn about our core research areas

Research & Funding

Funding for Neuroscience research comes from a variety of sources. The National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation are two major providers of funding.