Diversity + Inclusion

Committed to diversity & inclusion

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as core strengths and essential elements of research, teaching, and service. We are committed to broadening interactions among students, faculty, and staff that allow us to learn from our differences and to reexamine deeply held assumptions about ourselves and the world.

Why diversity matters

Diversity is essential to academic excellence and brings many immediate and tangible benefits. There is a kind of learning and problem solving that occurs in heterogeneous groups – people who come from a variety of races, backgrounds, and other dimensions of difference and who have a variety of interests, talents, and perspectives – that cannot occur in groups of people that are the same. Interactions among a diverse department allows (1) everyone to learn from their differences and (2) stimulates the reexamination of our most deeply held assumptions about ourselves and our world. Diverse perspectives enrich the learning environment, which leads to the formulation of cutting-edge innovations, which are disseminated to benefit communities near and far.